Professional Grooming

With an experienced (30+ years) grooming staff, your pooch is sure to come out looking like a CHAMPION after a BARKS 5th AVENUE spa session!  Your grooming package includes the following services:

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Hand Wash Bath:  Our Spa Technicians will treat your best friend to a special hand wash, with skin/coat/breed-specific shampoos and conditioners!  A nice towel and blow dry afterward will leave him/her looking and feeling great!

Full Groom:  Hair is cut to your specifications, with particular attention paid to the ears, feet/pads, around the eyes, and sanitary areas (to help stave off infection and increase comfort).  Not sure what look works best for your breed?  Our experienced groomers can help you select a look that works best!  Also includes a full brush-out, coat polish, and primping (bandana and perfume)!

Nail Trim: Not only does this look nice, but it is ESSENTIAL for your dog’s leg/joint health and comfort.

Glandular Expression:  Expressing your pooch’s anal glands helps reduce risk of infection/inflammation.

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Give your best friend the VIP treatment with our Pampered Pet Package!  For just $15.00, you’ll get the following additional services:

Executive Nail Care:  We will use our safe, professional Dremel tool to smooth and round off nails, getting rid of that rough look and sharp edges.

Dental Care: Keep bacteria, plaque, and tartar under control with a good brushing of those teeth!  Helps get rid of stinky breath, too!


Upgrades, Service Charges, and Other Items

EXPRESS SERVICE:  If you would like to move your pooch to the front of the line and have your grooming session completed within 2 hours of drop-off, we offer an EXPRESS SERVICE for and additional $15.00 charge.  Perfect for shy, geriatric, or pets in poor health.

Mats, Scissor Service, or other specialty cuts:  If your pet has mats in their hair or a particularly difficult coat structure, there may be an additional charge for scissor service/extra care.  Sometimes, these may not be observable until bathing/grooming begins.

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