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Product Review: Cocotherapy’s Coconut Chips

Product Review: Cocotherapy’s Coconut Chips
We have all been hearing about the coconut oil craze, and how fantastic it is for our hair and mouth health as well as used for internal health.  Have you also heard about giving coconut oil to your dogs & cats?  Lets talk a bit about why coconut oil is good for both humans and their pets, along with the products and brand we recommend.

Coconut oil is composed of a unique group of saturated fats.  Now, don’t freak out just yet!  Not all saturated fats are bad!  Saturated fats are broken down into two categories: long-chain fats, and short/medium chain fats.

Coconut oils made up of about 64% medium-chain fatty acids.  The most abundant with lauric acid is breast milk.  The medium chain fatty acid in breast milk is very similar to the one found in coconut oil.  Coconut aids in the absorption of nutrients as well as digestive function.  It also helps:
*Regulate blood sugar
*supports immune system health
*Acts as an antiviral, antifungal, and antiparasitic
*GREAT for skin and hair health!

Coconut oil has 0% cholesterol, and since it is a medium chain fatty, it is used for energy production (thus seldom ending up as body fat, when taken as directed).


The brand we highly recommend for pets is CocoTherapy, a family-owned business that grows, harvests, and manufactures their own coconuts.  Since the higher the quality of the coconut, the more effective it is, we feel that CocoTherapy produces the best on the market at this time.

There are 2 main factors that CocoTherapy recommends you look for when it comes to selecting your brand of coconut oil:

1. Coconut oil should have the highest LAURIC ACID content possible, using organic, non-GMO and non-hybrid coconuts.
2. Coconut oil should have the lowest possible moisture content.  The mehtod used to extract the coconut oil determines how low the moisture content is in the oil.

An experiment was done to compare CocoTherapy’s coconut chips with a brand found in big-box grocery stores.  When water was added to both sets of chips, the CocoTherapy chips started to break down within 30 seconds.  The other brand had NO CHANGE.  Within three minutes, the CocoTherapy chips absorbed all of the water, and had a smooth, soft texture.  There was STILL no change in the other brand!  Feeding your pet something that does not break down in water can cause digestive upset, not to mention the wasted money (since the store brand does not break down very fast, your pet is missing out on all of the health benefits of properly absorbing the nutrients in the coconut).

Aimee’s black lab suffers from chronic ear infections and has been using CocoTherapy coconut chips in her meals.  Her ear infection completely resolved in a month, and has not returned.  We now add CocoTherapy to ALL of our dogs’ food at least three times a week.

CocoTherapy has many great products that I highly suggest for your pet.  Please feel free to contact us at for more information on how this GREAT product will work for your pet!


Aimee is the Nutrition Specialist at Barks 5th Avenue in Houston, TX.  Aimee has a passion for canine nutrition, and loves helping families find the best food for their dogs!