Chelsea Says: Grooming Tip #1 “Canine Ear Health”

Chelsea is one of our expert groomers here at Barks 5th Avenue.  Every month, she posts tips about your dog’s grooming lifestyle!

Question from Irene N.
“Chelsea, my dog’s ears have a nasty smell to them.  What is that?”

Good Question!  Caring for your dog’s ears is an EXTREMELY important part of their overall health, comfort, and happiness.

A dog’s ears have a very twisty canal area for the inner ear, and if you add some dirt, dead skin, and moisture to this environment and you have the perfect cocktail for an infection.

Many dog breeds also have hair in their ears; during grooming, we will remove that hair, as it adds to the risk for infection, as well as providing a thriving environment for ear mites; small insects that can infest a dog’s ears and incubate serious infections.

Keeping your dog’s ears dry is also an important factor for ear health; dampness invites infection; couple this with allergies or a poor diet, and you can almost expect to see yeast infections pop up in many breeds.

Bringing your pooch in regularly (every 4-6 weeks) for a grooming session allows us to keep their ear health manageable, but that doesn’t mean pet parents shouldn’t be regularly cleaning their best friend’s ears!

The next time you stop in to Barks 5th Avenue, grab me (or anyone from the grooming department) and we will be more than happy to show you how to properly clean your dog’s ears in a safe and effective manner.

See you next time!