Pets for Adoption

Barks 5th Avenue is excited to announce that we have taken in a few rescues and are adopting them out! These dogs have come to us through friends and colleagues of Pennie Mahon, Owner/Master Trainer. With the pet’s best interest in mind, we will require all applicants to complete an adoption interview before being able to take the dog home. We had 3 dogs but have sucessfully place 2 of them already! Please see their stories/updates below.  All inquires email info@barks5thave or call 281-970-2284.

Xena is a red heeler mix, 30 lbs and approx 10 months old.  When she was 8 weeks old she showed up on the front door steps of a fellow Frisbee club friend of Pennie’s. The person who took her in just could not give her the individual attention she deserves which is why we decided to help find a home for her. She has a moderate to high energy level so we hope to find a home that has lots of activity and even kids to play with her! She is sweet and affectionate with our kennel staff. Xena is a little sensitive to other dogs but not aggressive, she regularly participates in our Doggie Daycare program. UPDATE: Xena was adopted out to a family in Cypress about 2 weeks after we first posted this. She is doing well in her new home!


Maggie is maybe a Rottweiler mix (we cant say for sure what she is), 35-40 lbs and approx 2-3 years old. Maggie was found living feral in the woods with a litter of six puppies in a den that she had dug herself! What a survivor! She was rescued by our nutritionalist, Diana Powers. Diana fostered and placed all 6 pups. Maggie is a new woman and ready to start a new life with her forever family. She is neutral, laid back, quiet, and a no fuss kind of dog. She would be happy in anyone’s home she is just so relaxed. We think she would be a perfect fit for an elderly person. She gets along well with other dogs as long as they are not too pushy and regularly participates in our Doggie Daycare program. UPDATE: Adopted.

Jane is a blue heeler mix, 30 lbs, 2-3 yrs old. She was pulled from a shelter just before euthanasia by a horse trainer friend of Pennie’s. She ended up being pregnant and having puppies so our friend fostered them and found homes for them. Like Maggie, she is starting a new chapter in her life and is ready for a forever home! Jane is a little shy and unsure until she gets to know you; she is also sweet and affectionate. Jane does not yet participate in our Doggie Daycare program. UPDATE: Jane was adopted last week by a client of ours and we are happy to say she is enjoying her new home. She even comes back to Barks 5th Avenue with her sister Abbie to enjoy Doggie Daycare!