Bandita’s 4th of July at Sam Houston Race Park!

WOW – 4th of July at Sam Houston Race Park! I do not like fireworks – my mom sprays this yucky herbal stuff in my mouth which I am not 100% convinced is for dogs but…she is afteral the head “bitch” of my pack so I just go with it and it really does help me calm down afterall. Before the fireworks started I performed (well, they call it perform but I call it playing, those silly humans) with my Dad on the lawn all day. There were so many people crowded around watching me catch frisbees and flipping in the air! I loved it. My mom has this little pool that she takes with us and she fills it with ice and then when I am finished I jump in it and splash around in the ice to cool off, I posted pics of me in it. My sister Spinner performed with my mom on the main track, it was a good performance, I guess, she will never be the champion I am though. The horses raced all day and I really wanted to chase them but I cant get to them through all the gates and stuff, so frisbee is the next best thing. See you at Barks 5th Avenue, dont forget we do grooming, training, boarding and doggie daycare!

Hugs and Licks,
Dolce Bandita