Barks Behavior Boot Camp

K9 obedience training in Houston

We know you are the pack leader, but maybe your pet doesnt! We offer an intense 3 week doggie boot camp designed specifically for each individual dog and owner. Call or come in to set up an appointment for a free training consultation.

Barks 5th Avenue - Dog Training at Barks Behavior Boot Camp

Our training philosophy is based on the understanding of canine instinct balanced with motivation, discipline, boundaries, and limitations. We use positive reinforcement to teach these principals to even the most unruly of pets. Come in for a FREE, no obligation owner/pet behavior evaluation with Pennie (Master Trainer/Owner). Pennie has sucessfully trained and competed with her own pets at the top level of Disc Dog competitions; she has been featured on Animal Planet, ESPN and has been a world finalist at the nationally recognized Purina Incredible Dog Challenge. Pennie is the President of the Houston Canine Frisbee Disc Club as well as a recognized judge in the sport of Canine Disc.

Training services available:

  • Board and Train
  • Barks Behavior Boot Camp
  • Private Instruction
  • Puppy Potty Training
  • Training Refreshers

Call for pricing details :

(281) 970-2284

One thought on “Barks Behavior Boot Camp”

  1. a friend recommended taking my 2 unruly dogs to barks 5th avenue for the 3 wk bootcamp. i have a lab, and a yorkie, both of which have no manners and as far as i can tell have no ability to learn. i went for the free consult with pennie and was very impressed with her knowledge of training animals and the patience she had with my ignorance on the matter. well, long story short, i enrolled them both and wow, its amazing ! i can acually walk both of my dogs with ease & confidence, i can now have friends over without them getting jumped on or going deaf from all the barking. they have manners at home as well as when we are out. i feel amazing myself, because she not only trained my dogs, she trained me too. the coaching i received from pennie will last me a lifetime. going to barks was not only the best decision i could have made for my dogs, but it was also the best decision i could have made for myself. i highly recommend barks 5th avenue for not only their awesome training program but their grooming as well. in my opinion, if an establishment of any kind does not make you feel comfortable on your first visit, then you most likely will never feel comfortable. the staff is great, warm, friendly and very helpful. oh, and they even educated me on the importance of healthy diet for my pets, they have it all right there in their shop, instinct, stella & chewys, bravo raw food diet ect… check it out for yourself, you will be glad you did!

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